Temple Furniture

Looking for your perfect furniture pieces but just cannot find the right option for your home? Temple Furniture offers the customization you need to craft the perfect set for your home. From design to fabrics, nailheads, and wood finishes, all aspects of Temple Furniture can be customized to fit your exact design needs. Through our partnership with Temple Furniture, Vandenberg Furniture of Kalamazoo, MI, offers both their high quality and stylish ready-made pieces, along with their customized pieces, offering customizable luxury upholstery, finishes, and material options available for special order.

Raise your expectations for style and design with customizable luxury upholstery and finishing options from Temple Furniture. If you need extra deep seats or extra-long lengths, then look to Temple Furniture. All pieces are made to the highest level of quality and craftsmanship and are sure to last many, many years in your home. Vandenberg Furniture will help take care of getting your custom order arranged and explain to you how the entire process works and a potential timeline.

What are you waiting for? If you are looking for Temple Furniture in Kalamazoo, then look no further than Vandenberg Furniture. With eye-catching style, durability that lasts, and a price you can afford, Vandenberg Furniture brands and selection are outstanding among other furniture stores in the area. Stop by our showroom at 12000 North US 131 in Schoolcraft, MI, or call us at 269-679-4055. Our staff of furniture professionals will be happy to guide you through all of our brands, models, and price points to help you pinpoint the perfect pieces for your space.