Ultra Comfort Furniture

Looking for the ultimate in comfort, style, and accessibility? Vandenberg Furniture offers an array of Ultra Comfort Furniture options available for sale in the Kalamazoo, MI, area. With Multiple configurations available, Ultra Comfort Furniture offers special feature recliners or lift chairs that give you the very best in comfort and ease of mobility. Through the use of a computer-controlled motor, these special feature recliners offer the user assistance with getting on and off of their feet, along with adjusting for ideal comfort. Ultra Comfort offers Zero Gravity chairs and their patented positioning technology.

By using the easy-to-understand remote control included with all Ultra Comfort Furniture, you can use the chair to help assist you in sitting down, standing up, or custom positioning the chair according to what is most comfortable. These chairs are very convenient for anyone who has difficulty with physical movement or is handicapped. They offer industry-leading comfort, along with medical-grade dependability, that will help ensure the safety of anyone using the chair.

What are you waiting for? If you are looking for Ultra Comfort Furniture in Kalamazoo, then look no further than Vandenberg Furniture. With eye-catching style, durability that lasts, and a price you can afford, Vandenberg Furniture features brands and selections not offered by any other furniture store in the area. Stop by our showroom at 12000 North US 131 in Schoolcraft, MI, or call us at (269) 679-4055. Our staff of furniture experts will be happy to guide you through all of our brands, models, and price points to help you pinpoint the perfect piece for your space.